Sep 19, 2014

#ClickBait, Week 4: Storming The Field, Playing Dead and Photoshopping With The Kardashians

#ClickBait is our weekly recap of the most viral stuff in the Russell Athletic Bowl’s corner of the college football world. Keep up with the latest buzzworthy stories, pictures and other cool stuff from around the ACC and Big 12 as we prepare for Week 4.

First off, make sure you check in on the live camera for Orlando Citrus Bowl reconstruction. Our home field is coming together on schedule to be open for this year’s bowl.

Also, our title sponsor is now collecting nominations for the Fight Like Dylan Award, their annual apparel and equipment grant to a high school or team that demonstrates perseverance through sports. Submit a deserving team and you could win $50,000 in gear AND a trip to this year’s bowl game!

On to this week’s links…

Reading Material

Sights and Sounds

Did we mention that our home office, Florida Citrus Sports, is now on Instagram?

Week three was filled with a lot of upsets, and upsets mean students storming the field:

Even 5 Seconds of Summer Fans had to appreciate Boston College’s win over USC.

An Arkansas State player plays dead during a fake punt play against Miami, and no one seems to notice.

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