Nov 26, 2012

Bowl Projection Roundup: 11/26

The bowl picture is slowly starting to emerge but the few remaining games will have a big impact on final selection. The Big East remains a bit of a mystery until Thursday’s de facto conference championship game in Piscataway between Rutgers and Louisville. Cincinnati also remains in contention with a game this weekend against UConn. Syracuse at 7-5 is two overall wins under the best available Big East team, but they are still eligible as an outlier.

The ACC picture is more straightforward, depending on the result of Saturday’s ACC Championship Game. If Georgia Tech upsets Florida State, the Russell Athletic Bowl will either host the Seminoles or the Clemson Tigers. If the game goes the other way, Georgia Tech COULD still be available at 6-7, but clarification has not yet been provided. If the Yellow Jackets are eligible, their 5-3 conference record will keep Duke out of consideration. However, if the Jackets are not given a waiver, the Blue Devils re-enter the picture. NC State and Virginia Tech are also eligible in either scenario. 

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Brad Edwards, ESPN: Louisville vs. Virginia Tech
Andrea Adelson, ESPN (Big East only): Louisville
Heather Dinich, ESPN (ACC only): Virginia Tech
Jason Kirk, Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech
Jerry Palm, CBS Sports: Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech

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