Dec 05, 2012

Beamer, Hokies Will Be Prepared On Dec. 28

“When it’s time to work, it’s time to work.”

Frank Beamer kept it simple at today’s Russell Athletic Bowl press event. The long-time Virginia Tech head coach was focused, and come December 28th, his team will be focused on winning their third-straight game to finish the season on a high note.

“We’re gonna work real hard to make sure we represent the ACC in a good manner,” said Beamer. 

Beamer and the Hokies are well aware that they nearly didn’t make it to Orlando at all, and are prepared to make sure the trip is worthwhile.

“We had to work to get here,” said Beamer. “We appreciate the opportunity. It gives us the chance to get some more practice in to try and beat a really good football team.”

It won’t be all business for the Hokies, as Beamer acknowledged that part of the reward of making it to the postseason is enjoying the host city and all of it’s attractions.

“To come and enjoy the things Orlando has to offer is part of the experience,” said Beamer. “I know our players will be excited about that. But when it’s time work, it’s time to work. When it’s time to enjoy yourself, do that, but know the difference.”

While much has been made about about Virginia Tech’s 20-consecutive bowl game appearance streak, Beamer doesn’t put much stock in the streak factoring into the this year’s game.

“This is a good team we’re playing,” said Beamer. “I don’t think you can look back, you need to look forward.”

With a focused work ethic, Beamer made it clear that getting the win is very important to the Hokies. A victory means Tech will finish at 7-6, the program’s 20th consecutive season over .500.

“To end this season with three wins, after some of the tough losses we’ve had, would say a lot about our football team.”

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