Dec 26, 2011

Notre Dame Practice Report 12/26

Report courtesy of Notre Dame Sports Information

The Irish football squad completed its heavy work today with a typical Wednesday workout in full pads in 72-degree conditions under cloudy skies. The Notre Dame team worked on the grass fields adjacent to the Citrus Bowl Stadium from 1:45-3:15 p.m.

The media contingent that visited with head coach Brian Kelly and his team had tripled in number since yesterday. Here are some of Kelly’s comments about random subjects:

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Champs Sports Bowl and the way they’ve treated our players. Everyone has their eyes on being in a BCS game, but the way in which our players have been treated here has been outstanding.

“I’m pleased with where we are (as a football team). The extra day of work (Saturday) helped us get the jet lag out.

(On potential fifth-year applicants) “All of those players will still be in school this next semester anyway.

(On potential NFL decision by TE Tyler Eifert) “He’s getting close. He’ll have a decision pretty soon.

“These are two teams with great brand recognition. It’s a game with two good football teams.

(On Cierre Wood/Theo Riddick combination at TB) “They have a great relationship and they love to compete. It’s a great combination for us.

(On Andrew Hendrix and his role) “He’s had an opportunity to work with the ones, and he didn’t do that when he was a situational player. He’s going to run our offense, not just run a package. They’ve both made progress since the regular season ended. We’re going up against a really good defense and they’re both going to play. Both our quarterbacks are prepared to play.”

Among those meeting with the media after practice were Harrison Smith, Michael Floyd, Sean Cwynar, Louis Nix, Cierre Wood and TJ Jones.

After practice the Irish players had the option of taking a bus to Universal Studios for the rest of the evening.

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