Sep 27, 2013

David Whitley Previews South Carolina/UCF For Florida Citrus Sports

National sportswriter David Whitley (Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Sporting News) is contributing for Florida Citrus Sports (managing organization of the bowl) throughout the 2013 football season. In this week’s column, David focuses on a big-time matchup in Orlando as SEC contender South Carolina visits American Athletic Conference newcomer UCF.


Let’s recap: Sellout. National TV. Bowl implications. Steve Spurrier.

“That’s what college football is all about,” UCF coach George O’Leary said.

Yeah, but for too long that wasn’t what Orlando was all about. Part of the city will finally feel a bit like Tuscaloosa or Ann Arbor. And some of the people feeling it most will be Florida Citrus Sports members.

They bought a block of about 150 tickets, and with good reason. Both UCF and South Carolina teams could end up playing in Orlando bowls. It’s not often Florida Citrus Sports members can go on scouting trips without having to leave Orange County.

You can also read more from David at, including some thoughts on Lee Corso’s storied career and a look inside a bowl scout trip from an FCSports member who used to be a player himself.

Check back here or at the Florida Citrus Sports site throughout the season for more on the organization and the selection process from David.

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