Sep 30, 2014

#ClickBait Week 6: The Matrix, Jacoby Brissett Turns Heads, and a Sea of Clemson Paws

#ClickBait is our weekly recap of the most viral stuff in the Russell Athletic Bowl’s corner of the college football world. Keep up with the latest buzzworthy stories, pictures and other cool stuff from around the ACC and Big 12 as we prepare for Week 6.

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Sights and Sounds

GIF: ND's Cam McDaniel hits the brakes, enters the Matrix on Twitpic

Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel is something straight out of the Matrix.

NC State’s Jacoby Brissett brakes, enters the Matrix as well.

Clemson fans came with full force as their team faced the Tarheels.

What are your thoughts on Texas Tech’s white ombre uniforms?

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