Sep 25, 2014

#ClickBait, Week 5: Crazy Eyes, Sweet Unis and All The Motivation You Can Handle

#ClickBait is our weekly recap of the most viral stuff in the Russell Athletic Bowl’s corner of the collegefootball world. Keep up with the latest buzzworthy stories, pictures and other cool stuff from around the ACC and
Big 12 as we prepare for Week 5.

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Now for this week’s news..

Reading Material

Sights and Sounds


Jimbo Gets Emotional After Pulling Out The Win Against Clemson


Want To See How Duke Prepared For Their Win Against Tulane? A Motivation Video That Will Give You Chills


Louisville dipped their toe into the “alternate uniform” waters in last year’s bowl game with a chrome helmet logo, but they’re going all out for next month’s game against Florida State.


So far Oklahoma’s offense has looked unstoppable, even if Trevor Knight is catching the ball instead of throwing it.

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